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TDS100 Analog Copier


  • Produce copies at 10 linear feet per minute
  • Océ radiant fusing technology means no warm-up time -- no waiting


  • Easy to operate
    Originals or copy media can be fed first. Quickly and easily copy onto opaque and transparent materials from a variety of originals. Even poor quality or thick originals with filing strips can be accommodated.

  • Clean toner refill
    Océ's closed toner system can be refilled without leaving residue.

  • Easy for your workplace
    The Océ TDS100 can be located virtually anywhere in the work area - even adjacent to drawing tables or CAD stationsbecause odor, noise and heat emissions are minimal. Modular design means you can choose the configuration that perfectly matches your needs: either tabletop or floor-standing.

Product Overview

It's a digital age. But you still need copies: from hard-copy originals, inkjet plots or corrected drawings. With the Océ TDS100 large format copier, you can make all those copies - easily, high quality and exactly when you need them. The Océ TDS100 can reduce costly outsourcing while it puts you in control of your schedule. And, its great design makes it a perfect fit for every working environment.

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